Outdoor Learning Day in Foundation Stage

The children (and staff) had a very busy day on Wednesday, working outside all day to freshen up our outdoor area. The children enjoyed weaving, painting, cleaning the toys and potting some plants. The outdoor area is looking beautiful, thank you so much for all of the donations.

Mystery Reader in Nursery

Yesterday, the children were very excited to have another Mystery reader. Bobby’s mummy came to read ‘Stickman’ and ‘Peppa Pig goes to London’. The children really enjoyed the stories and listened beautifully. We can’t wait to see who comes next…

Y6 Stanley Head – Day 5

The last supper/breakfast. The children have had a good night’s sleep, although, it’s evident the week has taken it’s toll as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to wake them up in the morning! That said, all are up and raring to go. They’ve had a good breakfast to fuel them up for today’s activities. Rifle shooting […]

A journey into space!

All the children have had the wonderful opportunity today to experience the Stardome from Keele University. They’ve seen a shuttle launch, travelled through space and had chance to question a real scientist about anything space related. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, including the staff!! The photos are the best quality that could be achieved in outer […]

Reading Rocket Notice- Important

This term‘s Reading Rocket challenge will take place from Monday 4th June- Sunday 15thJuly. We have decided to finish the challenge a week earlier to allow the prize to be drawn during the final week of the term. This will ensure that none of the year 6 children miss out on winning the prize before […]

Y6 Stanley Head – More of Day 4

The children have had a great day on the lake and crate stacking. All children have just had tea and are now enjoying an hour free time before rounders and then hot-chocolate. Less than 24 hours now before we head  back home, the children have been fantastic and all have given their best efforts with […]

Y6 Stanley Head – Day 4 Canoeing and Crate Stacking

The children have all been excited for today’s activities. Some children have been canoeing on the lake this morning, whilst others were crate stacking. This afternoon both groups will be swapping. Group 1 have had great fun on the lake, they had races, made rafts and one boat even capsized! Crate stacking was great fun […]

Perimeter Challenge!

Year Three took their Maths lesson outside today as they faced perimeter challenges! They were given a set number of metres as the perimeter to a shape, they then had to work out what shape they could draw and what each of the edges would need to be before they drew their shapes using metre […]