Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

We are Year One! We are amazing, awesome and we love to have adventures! There are thirty two of us in our class and we have a few more boys than girls! This year we will all celebrate our sixth birthday and lots of us have wobbly teeth already! Our teacher is Mrs Rushton and our teaching assistants are Mrs Green and Mrs Machin. They all help us with our learning.

We are really very clever! We love to learn lots of new things together and we always say that team work makes the dream work! We are brilliant at learning with our hands and even though our classroom looks different this year, we complete lots of practical activities before we work in our books. Our number work and letter work is improving every day and we are superstars at counting to 20 – we’re working to 100 now! We play lots of games in our phonic lessons, learning to sound out, blend and practise hundreds of tricky sounds and words.

Our class loves learning outside and having fun, especially in our school woodland. We hunt for numbers, collect letters or observe seasonal change as part of our ongoing science work! We work together in teams and all help each other, using our growth mindsets to support our learning by always having a go at the challenges we are set.

It is fun being outside at play times and lunch as we are speedy runners, we get to play with toys and we stretch our muscles on the gym equipment or agility trail! We are kind to each other and play nicely, following our school rules to be kind, stay safe and show respect.

We love being in Year One and we are growing in independence every single day!