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This page was used whilst school was closed to the majority of pupils during the lockdown of 2020 however parents may still find the various resources and links on here useful to use with their children at home.


During this unprecedented time, we are considering those children who will be learning at home.

Please use the links and suggestions on this page to guide and support your child's learning.

We will update this page regularly as necessary and appropriate.


Back to school relaxation tips

Relax Kids have created a really helpful guide for parents and children with some lovely calming ideas for children to support their mental health and well-being: 

Please have a look at the activities and tips as they may support you and your child as they transition back to school or continue to work from home. The Magic Mirror activity is a great way to start the day and remember that kindness is catching as it tells you in the poem at the end! We hope that these activities are useful and a similar guide for teachers will be used at school to support the children to relax during these unusual times.


Click here for how to save your work on Purple Mash: 

Home Learning Grids w/c 06/07/20

Useful links to support your child's learning at home

Geography Links

Science Links

Click here for downloadable science activities:

History Links

See what it’s like inside the Anne Frank house with this virtual tour:

Fun games you can do at home to both entertain and educate. This will help to keep significant historical dates and events at the forefront of chidren’s minds. (some activities may require printing).

Write your own historical fiction competition:

Find out about some of the primary artefacts found at the British museum. This website has information about each artefact and goes back hundreds of thousands of years on each continent. See how tools, weapons, armour, and utensils have developed over time.

R.E. Links

While Hillside Primary School recommend these websites at the time of sharing, we will not accept any liability for changes to the websites, including pop-ups, etc.  Hillside Primary School always recommend that parents and carers with parental responsibility, monitor the appropriateness of all internet sites visited and supervise all child access.  For further information on setting up ‘Parental Controls’ on a range of devices please see:  https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/parental-controls/

Further online safety advice can be found on this website under the Safeguarding e-Safety pages. https://hillsideprimary.org.uk/safeguarding-e-safety/