Continents in Year Two

Year Two have been learning about the continents. We have completed a number of tasks such as labelling on a map, playing games with the soft globe and creating our own balloon globes!

Place Value in Year Five

In Year Five we have been learning all about Place Value using concrete and pictorial representations of a number. Here are Year Five investigating the values of each different digit using concrete resources.

Year One’s Plant Hunt

Year One have been venturing around the school looking for a variety of plants 🌱 They had to work in pairs to search and then create a tally chart to chart how many of the different varieties they found. There were a surprising number of daisies still out and they found dandelion clocks to blow. […]

English in Year Three

This week, Year Three have begun to explore non-chronological reports. They have been busy identifying common features and their purposes in preparation for writing their own reports about rainforest animals. Super work Year Three!

Pirate Treasure Maps in Reception

Reception have been working hard to create their own treasure maps to find the chest of gold on the desert island. They worked really hard describing all the features that we needed to have on there, such as the land, the sea, the trees and a pond. We think our maps look amazing and we’re […]

R.E: Year Six’s commitments 

Year Six have been doing R.E this afternoon, with a focus on what it means to have commitments. They considered their own commitments and played a game which involved organising different commitments on a diamond. They then created a scroll which stated what their commitments are and why they have them.

Hello Yellow! 💛

Hillside, you are incredible! 💛 So many rays of sunshine have brightened our day today as we’ve said ‘Hello Yellow!’ raising awareness and funds for Young Minds. It has been fantastic to see the self-soothe boxes created in every classroom and to hear your conversations about how important our mental health is 🧠 With every […]

Reception: Out of this World Art 

This week Reception have been exploring a new art technique, marbling! The children loved choosing particular colours to represent the planets in our solar system. They, then mixed them up before carefully placing their blotting paper on top. We think they look amazing!

Amazing Artwork in Nursery

We have been looking at Steven Brown’s artwork this week and had a go of painting our own pets in the same style. Nursery have done so well will this, well done!

RE in Year Three

In RE today, we have been learning about why Jewish people celebrate Pesach. They took part in a ‘conscience alley’ and gave advice to Moses about what decision he should make. They gave very thoughtful and mature responses. Well done!