Nursery at Manchester Runway Park

We have had a lovely day watching the aeroplanes land and take off, and learning about the different jobs in the airport. The children have experienced life in the cockpit and shall be bringing home a personalised photograph tomorrow! Well done nursery children for being so well behaved!

The Big Bang Fair

A group of Year 5 and 6 children went to Staffordshire University yesterday to take part in the Big Bang Fair! They had chance to explore lots of science stations around the university as well as a coding workshop and a balloon forces show! All the children had a great day and were complimented by […]

Reception’s Mystery Reader

Our second Mystery Reader this term was Jake Salmon’s mum, who brought in her favourite story, Julia Donaldson’s Sharing a Shell! The children loved this story  and sat and listened beautifully.

Reception’s Mystery Reader

A  big Thank you to our first Mystery Reader, Samuel Ford’s Mum who came in to share one of her favourite stories. All of the children were very excited and Sam’s face lit up as he realised it was his mum.  

Year 1 Showcase

Thank you to all the parents and Grandparents that came to our showcase this afternoon. The Tudor houses you have created look amazing and will be used to create a display. Well done to Yellow team for winning the water challenge.

Football Maths Morning- Year 1

This morning the Year 1 children competed in teams to score the most points. They had to use their addition skills to find the total number of points. Well done to Team Rainbow for winning the competition and to Kian for being the top point scorer.    

eCadets assembly

This morning the Hillside eCadets delivered an assembly to KS2. They spoke to the children about copyright and how we can ensure we are using copyright free images in our work.

World Cup Maths in Nursery

We took our maths learning to the woods this morning and had a treasure hunt. The children worked in pairs to find cards with pictures related to football, they had to count the pictures and write the number on their answer sheet. Well done Nursery you worked really hard!

World Cup Maths in Year Three

Year Three throughly enjoyed their Maths morning, challenging their understanding of number when working out what years the World Cup happened in! They also created and measured their own paths to score goals and then used the laptops to find out distances travelled by the countries taking part! Scoooorrrreee! ⚽️

Year 5 World Cup Maths – Mrs Wainwright’s Group

Mrs Wainwright’s maths group are enjoying learning about the World Cup through their maths lesson. They are currently calculating the distance and time that it would take the football teams to travel to the different stadiums in Russia. The children have quickly realised how big Russia is and can’t wait to see which stadium England […]