Last Day Treat in Reception

To finish off our mini beast topic in style, we have made yucky worm cakes! The children don’t think they are yucky though and have eaten them all up!

The fun continues…..

The fun continued into the afternoon as KS2 took to the field. They were lucky to have Caron here from Go Wild Forest School who helped them to prepare and cook pizzas.  

A wonderful morning!

EYFS and KS1 have had a fantastic, fun-filled morning. The field has been filled with smiles, laughter, squeals and giggles! Their fun will continue this afternoon in school as KS2 children take to the inflatables and other outdoor activities.  

Hillside Treat Day

The treat has been revealed and EYFS and KS1 who are out on the field this morning couldn’t be happier! Our pirate ship, giant slide, bouncy castle and ice pops are a hit ☀️

Year 3 at Gladstone Pottery

Year 3 had an amazing day at Gladstone Pottery museum! They have toured the museum, seen a pot being thrown, slip being cast and flowers being intricately created by hand. They have also been inside bottle ovens (not on fortunately!) and have created an Art Deco plate in the style of Clarice Cliff! Super focus […]

Year 5 Fieldwork

Year 5 have been on a walk around our local area to complete some Fieldwork. They completed a traffic count, a noise level measure, a sketch map and a land use map. Tomorrow, we are going to compare our results to Brooklyn, New York City!

Leadership Awards Evening

A big well done to Izzy, Emily, Sophie and Kate for receiving a certificate in recognition of their leadership skills within school. They were invited to an awards ceremony at Port Vale Football Club along with other children from Stoke-on-Trent schools, who also have outstanding leadership qualities.  

Sports Leadership Evening

Congratulations to Lewis and Megan for receiving an award for their outstanding contribution to sports and sports leadership. Not only have they competed for the school and Hanley Town, they have also assisted in the running of several successful sports events held at school. A big well done!