Taekwondo Lessons

The whole school are having a chance to experience a Taekwondo lesson with Simon today! They’re completing warm up and cool down activities as well as practicing defending skills with pads! 🥋 kicking and

Year One have an adventure in Milton!

Year One had a glorious morning wandering around Milton yesterday, spotting special sites and shops in the sunshine! They used their geography skills to locate different places and mark them off on their checklist, enjoyed lunch in the park and a sneaky play before returning to school!   Year One had    

Y2 Spectacular Scientists!

Today, year two used the iPads as secondary sources to research the uses of metals. We discussed how some metals are good conductors of electricity such as copper. We found out that aluminium is used to make tyres more lightweight! We really enjoyed understanding how useful materials can be, and we can’t wait to find […]

Today’s Special Visitor

We have loved seeing baby Isaac Guy who has visited us with his mummy today. He is absolutely gorgeous 💙

Seasonal change in Year One!

Year One wore their wellies in the woods yesterday when observing seasonal change as part of their ongoing science work. They’ve thought about the different seasons and how to spot them then hunted for leaves and seeds that showed how autumn is changing! Ask them to tell you the seasons in order if they can! […]

Hillside Book Club

Our Hillside Book Club began last week. The children have chosen to read the Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. They have only read the first two chapters but are already hooked!

Head Girl & Head Boy 2018/19

Congratulations to Keira and Reggie who have been selected as Hillside Head Girl and Head Boy this year. The selection recognises their impeccable conduct, their honesty, integrity and overall sensible approach to their learning and school life. They each uphold our school values and are great ambassadors for the school.

Bossy Boots in Y2

Year 2 enjoying a lesson giving imperative verbs. We practised giving each other instructions, and we discussed that instructions need to be clear and specific. We had a fantastic lesson!