Sports Day – 14th June 2018

What a fab day we all had yesterday celebrating our sporting ability. Both Key Stage events took place despite the rain trying to spoil our fun in the morning. Each child approached their races with positivity and showed great effort and determination. What shone through the most was the children’s supporting nature as they cheered and supported […]

Mystery Reader in Year Three

Thank you so much to Lydia’s mummy who came in last week to share the story of Chicken Licken! We loved acting out the story with you in the hall and being a part of it! Thank you 🐓

Measuring in Maths

Year Three have been honing their measuring skills this week. They’ve been reading scales, finding precise measurements, ordering different water capacities and writing difficult word problems for their friends! Why not test them out by getting them to measure a recipe or precise amount to water the plants this weekend?! 🍰 🌱

Safe use of gym equipment

The new gym equipment is available for the children to use during school break times and PE lessons. For safety reasons, we ask that children do not use the equipment before and after school, in a similar way that we ask this of the play-trails and riding scooters and bikes. Please advise anyone who is […]

New Gym Equipment

The installation of our new gym equipment is now complete.  Each class has been shown the equipment – they know how to use it safely and the focus/benefit of each piece. From Thursday the equipment will be available for the children to use under staff supervision during morning and dinnertime breaks and in PE lessons.  […]

More Reception Fun …

What a fantastic time Reception have had today at Imagine That. Here is our final workshop, slime making! Eurghhh!! , along with more photos from the investigation areas. The children have learned so much today and are eager to tell you all about it 😁

Reading Rocket Prizewinners

Well done to all the children who achieved the ‘Reading Rocket’ last term! As a school the numbers of children reading five times per week is increasing and we are immensely proud of the children. We completed the prize draw this morning and the winners are… Nursery: Pearl, Keenan and Riley. KS1: William KS2: Isabella […]

We have arrived!

Reception have arrived at ‘Imagine That’ in Liverpool and are just about to go to the fridge magnet making workshop.

Hanley Town Athletics Competition

Fabulous day at Northwood Stadium, with children from Years 3 – 6.  The children performed to a high competitive standard, with a special congratulations to Megan and William who both won the 800m long distance race. the talents of the pupils shone through – well done to all that took part.