At Hillside, Science is taught as part of the Learning Challenge curriculum. The national curriculum objectives are delivered through exciting and stimulating learning challenge questions. Although the learning challenges are taught separately from the main topic, they are purposefully planned alongside topics which provide cross curricular opportunities and links between them.

The learning challenges enthuse, stimulate and excite the children’s scientific minds, posing questions to promote thinking and enquiry, enabling questioning of the world around them. Lessons are delivered to provide a range of opportunities for the children to gain hands on experiences, plan and carry out practical investigations and gain answers to phenomenon that is observed.

Delivery of lessons is provided within a range of settings, including within the classroom, within the wider school and grounds and through educational visits both off site and visiting groups within school.

During the spring term we hold a Science Week where all classes are immersed in scientific investigations and experiments, providing a showcase of opportunities for the children to enjoy.

During National Science Week we invited in a ‘silly scientist’. He made science very fun and interesting!