Music has a high profile at Hillside and we invest considerably in this curriculum area by employing specialist music teachers to deliver weekly lessons to all pupils. In addition to curriculum music lessons the school has a Recorder Ensemble, Singing Stars group, pop Choir and Rock Band. They enjoy performing at different school and community events during the year.

Pupils also receive opportunities to perform during our music lessons and you will often hear class rock groups performing riffs on their guitars and accompanied by pupils accessing our drum kit.

Pupils often comment at how much fun their lessons are and as a result our standards of performance are noted as being exceptionally high.

 Rock Band

Mr Hall comes into Hillside to teach a group of children how to play together as a band. Hillside Rock (the name of the band) have recently competed in a Rock Off with other Stoke-on-Trent schools.


During a Tuesday morning, Miss Watkinson  teaches a large group of children to play music on the recorder.


On a Wednesday afternoon (during lunchtime) Mr Hall teaches children from Years three to six to sing together as a choir. The children are very talented and enthusiastic- just like their teacher-Mr Hall. They enjoy performing at various events and always receive fantastic feedback.

Singing Stars

Mr Hall teaches children from Year one to three how to sing together as a group. Twice a year they perform in concerts at the Mitchell Arts Centre, which are always great fun.