A message of support for you and your children

We are a week and a half into this unprecedented situation that we all find ourselves in. It has been a hectic, strange time for staff, their families, our parents and the whole Hillside community, but at school things have now started to settle as we have found our new rhythm. Although school is closed to the majority of our community, all staff are safe and well and are working hard to care for the children of key workers who are still accessing our provision 🌈. To all our key worker parents, we are proud of you and the critical role you are playing in the response to covid-19.

To all of our parents who are now working from home, well done also- juggling work expectations and commitments  alongside childcare and home learning must be a challenge!

To our children who are busy completing the home learning packs that have been organised and sent out by teachers well done to you too 👏. We are incredibly proud of you, for showing incredible courage and resilience in this confusing time and for showing determination and excellence when completing your learning.

Children, all staff miss you, we miss your smiles, your stories and just being with you each day. We miss seeing you working hard and challenging yourselves, we miss being there for you and helping you when you need support and challenging you when you need it too. We hope that we will all be back together soon learning, laughing and having fun together. I hope you have enjoyed the picture with this post. It’s my favourite animal. This one is called Penny the penguin and she is helping me with my work today. (Parents, you could have lots of fun at home with this – search for an animal on google and scroll down to ‘meet a life-sized animal up close’ then click view in 3D)

Parents, if you need support with anything, whether this be academic support, emotional support etc for yourselves or your children please get in touch either by phone (01782 235350) or via email (office@hillsideprimary.org.uk) and we’ll do our upmost to help you.

Throughout today, each class teacher will post a message for the children in their class. Keep an eye out for your message 👀 and enjoy sharing it with your child.

Remember : we are here if you need us in any way.

Stay safe and look after yourselves ❤️
Mrs Schonau & the Hillside Team