Year One spelling stars!

Year One completed their first ever spelling test today and all did fabulously! They weren’t phased in the slightest and all tried their very best – well done! Parents, you will find their spelling books in their bags so you can see how they did – please return these on Monday. Also, PE is on […]

Community Fund Presentation

Last night, four members of last year’s school council went to present a bid to the Baddelely Green and Stockon Brook Community Fund for money to improve our woodland. They stood up in front of a large panel and showcased all the hard work that the whole school council have put in to creating an […]

Stick Man

Reception have been learning about the story of Stick Man by their author of the Term Julia Donaldson. They have then made their own stick families.

Party Day!

To finish our learning on birthdays, Reception have been baking cakes. The children were very excited and as you can see from the final results they were yummy!  

Year One’s Guided Reading

Year One have been working hard in their whole class guided reading lesson today! They had to retell the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, act it out (very dramatically and in the style of Ian Billings!) and then work as teams to find out if Mrs Rushton’s statements were true or false using […]

Ian Billings Workshop Y4

Year 4 enjoyed working with Ian to create exciting settings. There was lots of laughter and fun! They used their imaginations well to add extra details to their descriptions.

Creative Writing in Y6

Some children from Year 5 and 6 are working together this afternoon in a creative writing session. The children are using the stimulus of the Weeping Window to write emotive war poetry. The children are also using art work and video clips to understand the conditions the WW1 soldiers endured and hopefully their poetry will […]

Ian Billings with Years One and Two

Year One and Two have created settings during their workshop this afternoon. They thought carefully about different places that stories could be set – including on a doughnut! – and they used their imaginations well to add exciting details! Ask them to show you their imaginations tonight (and make sure they use the sound effect!)