A special treat in Nursery

Last week we read the story Little Farmer Joe who, after a busy day, settled down with a hot chocolate. All of the children have been working so hard and having lots of busy days in nursery so they all decided they deserved a hot chocolate too – topped with cream and marshmallows of course!

Year 1- New Role play area

Year 1 have been enjoying their new ‘Pudding lane bakery’ role play area. They have been busy making and selling cakes, they even remembered to wash the dishes after.

‘Bling your bike’ Day winners!

Following much deliberation, the active crew finally managed to decide on winners for yesterday’s ‘Bling your bike or scooter’ competition. The three Nursery entrants all received a small prize for their efforts – Marni, Erin and Ethan. The KS1 winners all came from Year 1 – 1st Grace, 2nd Charley and 3rd Danielle. Well done […]

Nursery and Reception’s special visitors!

The children were very lucky to be visited by these 2 beautiful ducks yesterday. We gave the ducks some food and watched them waddling around the field. We hope they come back to visit again soon!

‘Bling Your Bike’ Day

An amazing array of blinged bikes and scooters have brightened up the bike shelters today at Hillside. Well done to everyone who has come to school on either a bike or scooter, to support The Big Pedal. The judges (our active crew) are having a very difficult job deciding who the winners are from each […]

Year Three are erupting!

Year Three have been finding out about how magma bursts through the Earth’s crust as lava and creates volcanoes! They’ve made their own eruptions using bicarbonate and vinegar – all looked amazing but smelled horrendous!

Year Three’s Earth!

Year Three have started their new topic about the extreme Earth. They’ve learned about what’s beneath their feet and made their own planet Earth from dough! Ask them to tell you which part is the crust, mantle, outer and inner core!  

Reading Rocket Winners

Congratulations to the children who completed the Reading Rocket challenge during spring 2. We are all so proud of the children who have shown such amazing dedication to reading and they have been awarded with extra playtime, a letter home and a small treat. There were 56 children who achieved it during the last half […]

Friday’s Fun in the Sun!

Reception took advantage of the lovely weather on Friday afternoon. They paddled and jumped and had a splashing time.