Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018 is being celebrated globally today.  Each class is taking part in activities to promote the respectful and responsible use of technology. Visit for more information on how to keep your child safe online.

What’s on ………. Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust run many activities and groups for children of different ages. Have a look what’s on offer at Westport Lake over the next few weeks to get your children out and enjoying the great outdoors!  

Cave Painting

Year Three have been learning about Stone Age Cave Painting. They’ve been in to the woods to collect mud for their paint, watered it down and then painted their hands on their own and as a class. Tomorrow they’ll be creating animals and hunters for display – but the skill will come when working upside […]

Better Reading Partnership

Congratulations to Noah who has completed the Better Reading Partnership! He has spent the last ten weeks working with teaching assistants in school to improve his reading pace, fluency and comprehension skills and has worked hard with his parents at home. Well done for making  great progress!


Year 5 spent the afternoon learning about the Ancient Egypt mummification process. They then followed the steps to successfully mummify an orange!

And they’re off!

Year Three are doing their bit to raise money for KMAC! Go on Year Three, you can do it! (Wonder if Greg is feeling tired yet…)