The Year 6 children have arrived at Alton Towers!

This is their treat day for working so hard during this week and all year. They have been completely focused, dedicated and approached their SATs with maturity and with a smile on their faces. A huge well done! We hope you have a fantastic day 🎢🎠🎡

Mystery Reader in Year 1

The Year 1 children have been enjoying listening to stories read by our mystery readers. Last week William’s mum came in and this week James’s mum came in. We can’t wait to find out who is coming in next week.

Year 5 Mystery Reader

We had an exciting Tom Gates story read to us by Lewis’ mum today. It is one that we haven’t explored in class before – thank you!

Mystery Readers in Nursery

The Nursery children are really enjoying having the mystery reader on a Thursday afternoon. Last week Anthony’s mummy came to read ‘Little Red Hen’ and this week Archie’s mum came and read ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children sit and listen very carefully and love talking about the stories when they have finished. We can’t […]

Wildplay After School Club

Year 5 had a lovely Wildplay experience on Monday afternoon. We have been den building, blowing bubbles in the sunlight, making ‘woodalions’ and minibeast hunting. Again, we have been extremely lucky with the weather and lets keep our fingers crossed for more sunshine on our final session next Monday.

Tsunami in Year Three

We have learned about what can happen when there is an earthquake under the ocean – a tsunami which is a giant wave! We’ve seen pictures of areas that have been devastated by tsunamis and know to head to higher ground if we ever go to a high-risk area. We enjoyed the mud slides we […]

Y5 Mystery Reader!

On Thursday, year 5’s first mystery reader was revealed… Jack’s mum! She chose to read an extract from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The children loved it and are excited to see who is coming next week…

Year 5 Maths Outdoors

On Tuesday, year 5 completed maths outdoors in the sun by spelling their names using Semaphore flag signals. They then identified and estimated the angles they created.