Year 3 Haiku Poems

Year 3 spent last week writing Haiku poetry. They themed their poems on water, ensuring that they followed the rules closely. Yesterday, they performed their poems to the class. Well done for all being so confident!


A big well done to our Year 5 Netball team who took part in a tournament today at Fenton Manor. The children played a number games, gaining in confidence along the way. They eventually finished 4th and should be very proud of their achievement.  

Y3 Cookery Club

Year 3 have been making healthy banana and mango muffins! They have beat, chopped and mashed and the results look yummy!  

Nursery in the woods

This afternoon we had a lovely time in the woods. We have been searching  for new plants growing, we saw lots of green buds and are going to keep our eye on them each week to see them changing. We also had a story in the woods by our author of the term ‘Jill Murphy’.  

Random Acts of Kindness

Mrs Rushton led an assembly today where the children learned about random acts of kindness – post-it notes were used to pass positive messages and the children thought about what they could do at home and in school as a random act that would make someone else smile (without a reward themselves. The reward is […]

Year One’s Laptop Lessons!

Year One have been working hard, getting to grips with the school laptops! They have learned to login in to their own purple mash account, create an avatar that looks like them (as this will keep them safer online than using a picture) and today created and saved their own images! Next lesson they’ll be […]

Y2 researching the basic needs of animals

Y2 had a fun afternoon using the iPads and investigating what animals need to survive. We found out that animals need food, oxygen and water to survive. Even though juice is tasty, it’s not essential to keep us alive and we should always drink lots of water to stay hydrated. We even researched different animals […]

Reading Rocket

Well done to the children who achieved the Reading Rocket this term. An amazing 62 children completed the challenge. By the end of the week, the children will have all received a small prize, extra break time and a letter home. The winners of the prize draw are: EYFS/KS1: Bobby (Rec) KS2: Alanna (Y4) The […]

Evil Pea

The Evil Pea has landed in Reception and created chaos !! The children are engaged in a number of activities to help Supertato to defeat the Evil Pea and restore order.